Fresh Clothes vs. Rave Laundry | Whose Prices Are Cheaper?

Whether you’re a current Fresh Clothes customer or looking for an easy yet affordable clothing pick-up and drop-off company, laundry delivery services have been an undeniably popular and growing service throughout the Boise area in the past couple of years. And with the chaos of COVID-19 adding to everyone’s schedule the past year, having clean laundry for your family that smells and looks as good as they should is a difficult chore to keep up on. To make matters even worse, many laundry delivery services charge upwards of $20 or more for a load of laundry, which doesn’t even include valuable additional Fresh Clothes features such as free delivery, mobile updates, and more! 

Lucky for you and all the Idahoans across the Treasure Valley, we began Fresh Clothes to not only offer an unparalleled laundry delivery experience but to also provide an affordable service with plenty of options to fit your specific lifestyle. With this in mind, the time has finally come to answer the big question we know you’re here for… “Who is cheaper? Fresh Clothes or Rave Laundry?

Basic Service Pricing

At the most basic level, both companies will wash, dry, and fold your laundry, and return this clothing to you in the dedicated storage bin or bag provided. However, there is one important difference in the method by which the services will charge you that makes Fresh Clothes a clear winner in the affordability department.

Fresh Clothes

Managed entirely through the app, Fresh Clothes charges customers based on the number of bins used and what type of service is requested. With two cleaning options available, standard or premium, you’ll have the ability to pay only for the bins you use. The standard wash charge is $18 a bin with a more premium service available to customers for only an additional $1.50. No mandatory payments calculated on weight. No delivery fees. And no hidden rules or costs.

Rave Laundry 

Unlike Fresh Clothes pricing, Rave Laundry will charge fees based on what laundry you bring, the overall weight of your clothing, and whether you request a 24-48 hour turnaround time. Starting at $1.50 per pound, Rave offers pick-up and drop-off services along with self-service machines that are capable of washing large loads of laundry 5x bigger than an average household load! 

When using their service, all customers are required to bring a minimum of 15 pounds of laundry and pay a delivery fee of $15 for same-day service (if dropped off before 11 am) or $10 for the next-day service. It is important to note that Rave Laundry also charges a fee amount calculated on which articles of special clothing you bring as well. An illustration of their pricing model is seen on the left:

Additional Services Available

Receiving your laundry clean and folded is always one of the highest priorities. But what about clean shoes for that next big event, or ironed button-ups so you can look as professional as possible? 

Fresh Clothes

To leave our customers with an even better experience, Fresh Clothes is also happy to offer what we call “add-on services.” While more services will be added as time progresses, customers currently have the option of choosing four different services available: professional shoe cleaning/polishing, dry-cleaning, ironing, and cloth diaper delivery. 

Shoe Cleaning

Using only the highest-rated waxes and cleaners, the Fresh Clothes shoe cleaning service provides customers clean and polished shoes within a 24-hour turnaround, all for less than $12 a pair. 


For a low flat fee of $10 and $1.50 per article, receive your laundry cleaned and wrapped by dry-cleaning professionals!


Prepare for those upcoming events and request your clothes to be ironed and wrapped for as low as $2 an item, including free delivery and a 24 hour turnaround time!

Cloth Diaper Service

A newly implemented option for Fresh Clothes customers, the cloth diaper service provides our customers clean and eco-friendly diapers to families, promising to pick up all your dirty diapers and deliver new replacements for less than $40 a week!

The Bottom Line

While both companies offer exceptional laundry delivery services throughout the Treasure Valley area, it’s clear why Fresh Clothes holds a strong advantage in the pricing department. 24-hour delivery comes completely free of charge and no additional fees will be tacked onto your laundry for bringing heavy articles like comforters, pillows, and rugs. To make it even better, professional services like ironing, dry cleaning, and shoe shining are also small additions to the Fresh Clothes service that won’t break your bank and truly make the Fresh Clothes offer a difficult one to pass up! 

We hope this answers all your questions on the differences between Fresh Clothes and Rave Laundry pricing. For additional questions and comments, call us at 208-906-0648 or email us at

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