Good Night's Sleep

5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep by Fixing Your Bedding 

It goes without saying that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining excellent health. In reality, without adequate sleep, your body and mind cannot function correctly since it cannot heal itself over night. 

However, a lot of us have trouble getting good sleep. And while you’ve definitely heard about using blackout curtains, developing a nighttime routine, and limiting cell phone usage, one crucial aspect that isn’t being discussed is how your bed linens affect the quality of your sleep. 

It turns out that your bed linens and pillowcases can be to blame for your lack of morning energy. Surprisingly, a higher thread count has minimal effect on this.  

Here are a few tips to get a better night’s sleep. 

Higher Thread Count Isn’t as Important as it May Seem. 

A high thread count is always mentioned as a sign of high-quality linens. Although softer sheets may be associated with higher thread counts, experts claim that anything above 400 is a result of manipulating the fabric or thread. The sheets have been coated with a synthetic finish if the count is more than 400. Unfortunately, this finish will wear off with time, leaving you with substandard sheets. 

Instead, search for sheets with a 400 count, which will give you a soft, high-quality sheet. 

Bed Sheet Materials Matter 

If your sheets are synthetic, such as polyester or a polyester blend, they will retain heat, making you uncomfortable and sweaty. Instead, pick a cotton that is durable, soft, and breathable like Pima or Egyptian cotton. 

Wash Your New Sheets Before Using Them 

Are you aware that your pillowcases can hold 17,000 more bacteria than your toilet seat after one week? 

We know that this is gross, but it doesn’t even take into account the skin cells, sweat, and other bodily excretions that wind up on your sheets, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and obstructing airflow through your bedding. In addition to increasing your body temperature and disturbing your sleep, this can irritate your skin and potentially lead to infections. 

We at Fresh Clothes advise washing your sheets once a week because of this. You’ll have a better night’s sleep and feel amazing when you sleep on clean linens. 

Be Careful in Selecting Your Detergent 

It turns out that the detergent you are washing your sheets with may be more important than the fabric itself. 

While you might believe that all laundry detergent is exactly the same, it is not. Conventional laundry detergent contains a wide variety of dangerous compounds, including cancer-causing substances and fragrances. 

These toxic detergents are purposefully manufactured to attach to clothing, despite the fact that you would expect that laundry would be meant to wash off the detergent and simply flush those harmful chemicals down the drain. This is the reason why clothes cleaned with commercial detergents have a fresh scent. These chemicals then break down when you wear the clothing and start sweating, and they are absorbed through your skin. 

It is better to choose a “free and clear” detergent that is toxic-free, like the one we offer at Fresh Clothes. Without the chemical smell that traditional detergents have, your bedding will not only smell better, but you will also sleep better because the chemicals won’t be harming your health while you’re asleep. 

A Good Night’s Sleep 

As you can see, obtaining a good night’s sleep could be as easy as adjusting and maintaining the cleanliness of your bedding. And although it would be tempting to put off cleaning your sheets—after all, who enjoys making their bed? —it’s a habit worth developing. 

This is one of the motives behind Fresh Clothes. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in making the most of their time while also promoting health by removing contaminants from the environment. 

The difficulty and anxiety associated with “having to do laundry” are eliminated when you know that all you have to do is remove your bed sheets, and they will appear to you miraculously cleaned and folded the following day. Additionally, it may mean the difference between waking up rested and renewed. 

Help yourself to clean linens and other laundry by using Fresh Clothes. Find out how, and you’ll be feeling like sleeping beauty in no time!