Elder Care Laundry

What Can I Do If My Aging Loved One Can No Longer Do Their Laundry? 

Elder Care Laundry, as part of our home laundry service, is one of the fastest-growing divisions. By providing various support services, such as laundry service, many people are collaborating with businesses like ours to keep their elderly parents or loved ones in their homes for longer periods of time. We provide a way to assist your loved one in maintaining their independence, security, and freedom. We do this by handling their laundry service, which can be challenging for them to complete. With consideration, compassion, and understanding, we provide seniors with wash and fold laundry service that includes delivery. 

Offering your loved one our washing service has several advantages. Elder care is simply the act of assisting elderly people in meeting a particular demand or requirement. We receive calls from relatives who are looking for ways to stay in their homes longer every week. These clients frequently just require a small amount of assistance yet are completely capable of living independently. They can keep their freedom through our service, delaying the need to transfer to an intermediate or long-term care facility. If your loved one lives in an assisted living home, don’t worry, we also pickup and deliver there too! We are more than delighted to help. 

Let Fresh Clothes Help!

For our client, their family, and caretakers, we want their laundry service to go well thanks to meticulous planning on our part. We achieve this by carefully coordinating pickup and delivery. We abide by their preferred wash and fold settings. And we provide simple account setup and payment options. There is no issue if the person ordering this service for someone else lives outside of our region or state. When laundry is picked up and delivered, we may send you email or text notifications, and you can always check your bills and payments using our app. 

If your mom, dad, or other aging adult could use a little help doing laundry, count on Fresh Clothes to take care of their needs.