Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we are asked a lot by customers...

Can you explain your pricing?

What makes us different from other laundry services is that our weekly price is based per bag not per pound. For example: If you have 2 bags, that is around 40 pounds of laundry each week. If it fits in the bag, you are good to go!

How much laundry fits in a bag?

We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much fits in a bag. They are 15 gallon bags that fit up to 25lbs of laundry.

How does In-Home Delivery work?

With In-Home delivery we bring the laundry inside your house, even if you’re not home! We do this by keeping a garage code or extra key. This service is recommended if you would like to have a secure place for us to drop off the laundry.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for your Fresh Clothes account is simple and easy. It only takes a couple of steps to lead you to your laundry journey! You can sign up for an account now at laundry.freshclothes.app. When signing up, you’ll be asked to enter in some personal information such as name, address, and payment information.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Signing up for your Fresh Clothes account is completely free for you to create and use throughout your laundry subscription! Your account will not be charged until your service is confirmed and your first order has been complete.

What is my account used for?

The Fresh Clothes app is designed to make the entire laundry process as easy as possible for you. We use your account information to provide premium services that will allow you to find important information easily such as 24-hour support, laundry day alerts/notifications, and more.

Who will be washing my laundry?

Our staff were previously professionals in home services, hospitality or commercial laundries. With years of industry experience, they are experts in the proper way to clean every type of clothing. Your laundry is in good hands!

What if I want to add a scent to my laundry?

Our Budget Scented and Premium Scented services allows you to select a scent to be applied to your laundry. We have a large selection of scents to choose from by Downy and Method brands.

What about fabric softener?

For our Standard Wash we use Fabric Softener. For our Premium Wash you can tell us whether you’d like Fabric Softener and, you can choose from eco friendly brands. Please click here to contact us with any questions!

My laundry was missed will I still get charged?

Our system only charges your account when we have a record of both a pick up and a delivery. But take into consideration that we have a $5 fee for unannounced missed pickups.

Does Fresh Clothes have a setting for air dry?

Due to our next day delivery, the time does not permit for air dry. Customers that have multiple items that they like to air dry can ask us to leave an entire bag without drying. This will be returned damp in its bag. We can only do this for an entire bag, we will not do any sorting or separation of laundry. We must be notified ahead of time to make sure your bag is labeled properly and that it does not go through the dryer.

How can I add another bag?

To add another bag simply put your extra laundry in a 13-gallon trash bag and set it on top of your bag on your assigned laundry day. Our drivers will know to take it, our team will process it and return it in a bag. If this was only a one time need please return the empty bag on your next pickup.

I live in an apartment building. Would you be able to service me?

Of course! We will need access to your building whether it is through a dial box or a key that you would need to set up on your property. If you need the pickup and delivery to happen inside your apartment please sign up for the premium service.

Do we separate lights and darks by bag or do you guys separate?

We encourage our customers to do all the sorting and separating at home into different bags. Due to our quick turn around our team in not able to do any sorting at our facility. The bags will always be treated as a whole and will be washed and dried the same.

Do you guys stain treat?

We encourage our customers to stain treat at home. We do not do any stain treatments at our facility. We have had incidents where customers leave foreign items in their bags like crayons, pens, chap stick, gum etc. And this has caused entire bags to become stained. We will do our best to help you with ideas to stain treat but do not make our company responsible for damaged items.

I have a question that is not on the list, can you answer it?

Absolutely! Just navigate to our Contact Us page here and ask any question you like. Take into consideration that our team receives these notifications by email and might need time to respond.

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