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Fresh Clothes Community Outreach Program called Fresh Clothes Cares

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Fresh Clothes values our community beyond words. We are thankful for the many people who use our weekly laundry service as a part of their routine. For those who don’t know, Fresh Clothes offers a weekly pickup and drop off laundry service in the Boise, Meridian, and Eagle Idaho areas. We’ll drop off a 17 gallon laundry bin (or more as requested) that you can fill with dirty laundry each week. We’ll pick the bin up and return its contents washed, dried and folded within 24 hours.

Fresh Clothes Cares is our way of giving back to individuals and their families who have an acute need for laundry services. Those going through extensive medical treatments, unexpectedly left without a place to live, or who have sustained an injury that prevents them from doing their own laundry. Surely the list of challenges in our day and age can hardly be listed here, so we welcome you to share the stories of families in need.

We pray that we’ll see families sustained by this service, that we’ll be able to help see them through to smoother waters.

We do have an extensive screening process for the service. Typically we will ask for the following:

  • Two references to ensure that the individual or family being referred has a truly acute need
  • A description of the nature of the circumstances that prompted the referral.
  • An understanding of how long the service is being requested for

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel the service at business needs dictate, although we will do our best to provide sufficient notice before doing so. We cannot guarantee that all laundry needs will be taken care of for the family in need. As a general rule, we limit the bins laundered per week per family to two, which is equivalent to over four loads of laundry. We believe this should be more than sufficient for a family of four.

It is important to recognize that there are countless families living in a constant state of need in the Treasure Valley. We acknowledge this need and would like to contribute to the solution through Fresh Clothes Cares. That said, Fresh Clothes Cares is most sustainable when delivered to families who live in communities that we often serve (along our existing weekly routes) who are experiencing an acute and unexpected need for laundry services. We encourage you to share all stories so that we can collectively make a difference.


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