Fresh Clothes Airbnb Services

Fresh Clothes Now Offers Airbnb Services 

Managing an Airbnb rental is hard! Fresh Clothes is here to take a load or two off your hands. We are now offering services for Airbnb’s! Here’s how it works: 

  1. Sign up 

The first step is to sign up at Once you sign up you will be directed to creating a laundry account. From here you can mention any preferences you have for us when we are washing your linens and towels. Before pickup day, a team member will reach out to you to schedule a time for bag drop-offs. 

2. Pickup Day 

On pickup day, set your full bags outside for us to pick up. We will send a text reminder the day before, so you do not forget. 

3. Wait 

After we pick up your bags, all you have to do is wait! In 24 hours or less, our team will have your laundry folded nice and neat in the bags ready for your next visitor. 


Fresh Clothes has three different bag sizes. First, we have our standard laundry bag. This bag can hold up to three loads of laundry and is $25 per bag. The next size up is our XL bag. This bag can hold up to five loads of laundry and is $35 per bag. Lastly, Fresh Clothes has a XXL bag. This bag can hold up to seven loads of laundry and is $45 per bag. 

Keys to Success 

Many customers prefer to have two sets of sheets. This allows the dirty set to be immediately swapped out and cleaned so a new guest can use the AirBnB rental. Fresh Clothes will return the linens as soon as possible so they can be ready for the next booking.  

Many have asked whether we can access the AirBnB to retrieve dirty linens. To limit liability and ensure ease of use, we ask that you or your guests place the dirty linens outside the door at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.