Fresh Clothes Customer Service Agreement

Customer Service Agreement

Fresh Clothes LLC is a mobile pickup and delivery laundry service offering standard and premium washes, ironing, dry cleaning drop-off, and a 24-hour turnaround time. Our Mission is to return the time that people spend doing laundry, at a price that most people can afford, while sustaining our world for future generations.

The early launch of Fresh Clothes will begin on Thursday, October 29, 2020 and conclude on Thursday, December 3, 2020. During the early launch period, Fresh Clothes will provide complimentary services to each enrolled customer in exchange for the customer’s candid feedback at the conclusion of the early launch period. Those customers wishing to continue using Fresh Clothes beyond the early launch period will be charged for services as per the current Fresh Clothes pricing schedule available at:

By participating in the early launch of Fresh Clothes, the customer agrees to the following:

  1. Customer agrees to download and use the Fresh Clothes online mobile application (when available)
  2. Customer agrees to ensure designated Fresh Clothes bin is outside and ready for pick up at customer’s scheduled pick-up time. Customer understands that Fresh Clothes will not pick up items that are not placed fully inside of the Fresh Clothes bin. Customer further acknowledges that failure to place bin outside at designated pick-up time will result in cancellation of services for that week.
  3. In exchange for free use of Fresh Clothes services during the early launch period, customer agrees to provide feedback, written testimonials and/or referrals to Fresh Clothes at the conclusion of the early launch period.
  4. Customer agrees to conspicuously display a Fresh Clothes yard sign for the duration of the early launch period.
  5. Customer agrees to return the undamaged, Fresh Clothes laundry bin at the conclusion of the early launch period. Customer agrees to pay a fee of $15 for each non-returned or damaged bin.
  6. Customer agrees to notify Fresh Clothes promptly upon customer’s decision to cancel services.

Signature below acknowledges your agreement to participate in the early launch of Fresh Clothes, LLC and to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein.