Four Ways Fresh Clothes is Good for the Environment

The average person spends 102 minutes per week doing laundry. No one really thinks about it, but our washers and dryers account for a lot of energy and water use. Here are four ways that Fresh Clothes is good for the environment.

  1. Our mobile laundry delivery service serves multiple customers for each trip. Typically, we have about 10 families a day using our laundry service. Because of our laundry service, those 10 families’ laundry can all “carpool” to the laundromat, which saves excess gas from being released into the atmosphere. By using our laundry service, you are helping reduce vehicle emissions and improving the air quality.
  2. Our cargo vans are very fuel efficient and can fit lots of laundry. Fuel efficient vehicles use less gas to travel the same distance as their less efficient counterparts. Our cargo vans can get up to 30 miles to the gallon. Fuel efficient cars and vans in general, help in reducing pollution and smog by at least 50 percent. Our cargo vans can also hold about 25 bins of laundry in one trip. That is more than 600 pounds of laundry! Because our van holds so much laundry, that means that we have to take fewer trips and we save more fuel.
  3. Fresh Clothes uses high efficiency washers. These washers use a lot less water than more traditional washing machines. By using less water, there is less dilution in the laundry detergents which means a deeper clean. These high efficiency washers use less energy and have more movement than traditional washers. This means your clothes are always in motion which gives the garments a deeper clean.
  4. Fresh Clothes uses high efficiency dryers. The pros for high efficiency dryers are very similar to the pros for high efficiency washers. These dryers use less energy and have more movement which means a faster drying time. They also have steam technology that reduces wrinkles and sanitizes.

Fresh Clothes is helping to make sure our contribution is good for the environment.