How to Combat Pet Hair

Those of us with pets know how much joy and happiness they can bring into our lives. Unfortunately, living with pets does have a downside: fur everywhere. Getting pet hair on your clothes can be very irritable, so our mobile laundry service, Fresh Clothes, has a few tips and tricks for how to combat pet hair.

  1. Vacuum Attachments

In an ideal world, our pets wouldn’t have the desire to climb on furniture. Quite honestly, I love having a nice night curled up with my dog on the couch. This has resulted in the vacuum attachments being used on the furniture at least once a week. It’s the best defense in keeping pet hair off our clothes. If you have a pet that favors one particular chair or spot on the sofa, you can avoid the vacuuming chore by covering the piece of furniture with an old blanket or sheet, which can be removed before guests come to the house. In addition to vacuuming, you should also brush your pets once a week to remove loose hairs.

2. Clean the Washing Machine

The second-best defense against pet hair on clothing is to clean the washing machine. Run an empty wash cycle; if your machine has a center agitator with a cup for liquid fabric softener, fill it with hot water before running the cycle. When the cycle is finished, grab a wet cloth and wipe down the entire machine. Keep the machine clean by running a lint roller over your clothes before you put them in the washing machine.

3. Use White Vinegar

Using white vinegar in the washer will also help keep pet hair off clothing. It reduces static cling and may help to release any leftover pet hair from clothing.

4. Empty the Lint Trap

Finally, empty the lint trap of your dryer after each load. Pet hair will usually be caught in the trap but will remain in your dryer and on your clothes if the trap isn’t cleaned on a regular basis. Do not fold clothes on your bed or any piece of furniture that is typically occupied by a pet. Hang the laundry and put folded items away immediately, to avoid having pets use them as beds. Keeping pet hair off clothes is an ongoing battle, but it can be won with persistence.

By using these tips and tricks, you’ll be a pro at how to combat pet hair. If you are ever  having trouble with pet hair, sign up for our premium service, and we’ll have your clothes pet-hair-free in no time.