Unparalleled Local Delivery

So you’ve set out your bin, it’s been picked up, and your ready for clean clothes soon, what now?

Nothing! All you have to do is wait now. Within 24 hours, your bin will be returned to your front door the following day with clean and folded clothes ready to be worn. Inside every bin will be your clothing separated with brown wrapping paper, this is to ensure that you can easily separate your laundry between genders, articles, or more. A small piece of paper will also be included in your bin that will inform you of who folded your clothing so you can stay up to date on your favorite washers/cleaners!

For more information on how the Fresh Clothes laundry process works, visit here!

Services Provided by Fresh Clothes

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Standard Wash

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Premium Wash

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Dry Cleaning

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Shoe Polish

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Cloth Diapers