Effortless Laundry Management

Once you’ve got the app set up and your service started, you’re all good to go! The service will continue to pick-up and drop-off your laundry on a weekly basis, notifying you a day before through phone number or email.

We know and understand that sometimes you would prefer to do your own laundry for the week. To make sharing that with us as easy of a process as possible, we send out weekly texts offering you the ability to “skip” your service. As your service continues, you can check up on what payment methods you’re using, expected delivery dates, and contact support all from the mobile app or Fresh Clothes portal.

If you wish to cancel your service for any reason, please contact our support team here for information on how to delete your subscription and account.

Services Provided by Fresh Clothes

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Standard Wash

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Premium Wash

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Dry Cleaning

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Shoe Polish

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Cloth Diapers