Automated Just For You

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations on being a Fresh Clothes member! To make sure that clean clothes are the last of your concerns, we’ve gone ahead and prepared everything for your laundry service experience to ensure that you won’t have anything to do besides setting out your bag with the clothes you want to be cleaned.

All of our customers receive a text the day before their laundry is expected to be picked up with helpful information on what time your bag is expected, and any additional comments made by the Fresh Clothes team that will make your laundry service experience even better. We expect all customers to have their bags sitting out on their front porch, in front of their front door before 8:00 AM (MST). Please ensure that the lid is closed on the bag and place any additional shoe bags, dry cleaning bags, or ironing bags for our additional laundry services on top of the bag.

Customers are not expected to wait or greet the Fresh Clothes Drivers either, as we try to maintain a contact-free process for your health and safety. If you would like to read our terms and conditions for additional information on how Fresh Clothes handles your health and safety, please visit our Terms & Conditions page here.

Services Provided by Fresh Clothes

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Budget Wash

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Premium Wash

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Dry Cleaning

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Shoe Polish

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Cloth Diapers