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Years of Experience

What we use to clean your laundry matters, but who cleans them is even more detrimental. As a professional pick-up and drop-off laundry service, we take a great amount of pride in the cleaners here at Fresh Clothes. This is why our cleaners are some of the top-rated experts in the Treasure Valley, carrying years of experience to ensure that your laundry is wrinkle-free and smelling fresh when you receive it.

When cleaning your laundry, our experts are required to use vinyl gloves and face masks to minimize any possible contact between you, our valued customer, and our washers. To ensure your clothing is as safe as can be, we also instruct all of our professional cleaners to place your bags and laundry under a premium UV bacteria light capable of killing any bacteria that could make it to your front door.

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Services Provided by Fresh Clothes

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Budget Wash

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Premium Wash

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Dry Cleaning

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Shoe Polish

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Cloth Diapers