Three ways our Fresh Clothes Laundry Service is better than Self Service Laundry
  1. Cleaner machines.

At our laundromats, machines are cleaned after each use to make sure the machine is sanitized for the next customer’s load. In self-service laundromats, there often is not an attendant there to clean the machines, and you do not know whose laundry was in that machine before yours. Although these machines are used for cleaning clothes, that does not mean that the drum inside remains clean load after load.

  1. Safety of your wardrobe.

At Fresh Clothes, each of our team members are previous professionals in home services, hospitality, or commercial laundromats. Because of this, your laundry is in good hands and you can trust that nothing will be stolen. Our bins are also weighed when we pick them up and when we drop them off to ensure that there is no loss during the laundry process.

Further, our laundromats are drop off only. There is no self-service, and our machines are behind a service counter and under constant surveillance.

At a self-service laundromat, when you leave your clothes unattended, it is possible that a washing machine may malfunction and unlock, allowing clothes to be accessible. Dryers can be opened at any time and offer plenty of opportunity to prying eyes.

We hope that these factors allow some peace of mind about the safety of your investment while Fresh Clothes are picked up, cleaned, dried, folded, and delivered back to your door.

  1. Saves Time.

At Fresh Clothes, we know how busy your day-to-day life is, and it can be hard to schedule time out of your busy day to do laundry. Fresh Clothes solves that problem, so you can focus that extra time wherever it needs to be. With Fresh Clothes, the entire mobile delivery laundry service is contact free, meaning that all you have to do is put your bin outside your door and wait for the laundry bin to come home folded, fresh and clean.