What Detergents Does Fresh Clothes Use?

At Fresh Clothes, we pride ourselves in knowing that our team uses the best detergents and softeners to make sure your laundry is returned fresh and clean to your door. Our team did some research before making a decision about each product we use, and each product was chosen for a reason.

Standard Service:

For the standard wash, our washers use All Original Stain Lifter detergent. This detergent is twice as concentrated as regular detergents, so it can get out the toughest of stains. All is the top recommended brand by dermatologists, paediatricians, and allergists.

We also include fabric softener in our standard wash. At Fresh Clothes, we use Snuggle Super Fresh Original fabric softener. This fabric softener prevents wear and tear and color fading.

When we dry your clothes, we use Gain dryer sheets. These dryer sheets leave your clothes with reduced wrinkles, a fresh scent, and less static.

Premium Service:

For our Premium wash, we use Solimo liquid detergent. Solimo is on the Top 12 list of Best Detergents of 2021. Like our All Detergent, Solimo does a great job of getting out tough stains. Solimo is free of perfumes and dyes. This detergent is hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly!

When we dry our Premium loads, we use wool dryer balls. Dryer balls are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our wool dryer balls will help separate your clothing and get more air to them which results in a faster drying time. Dryer balls are chemical free and hypoallergenic, so they are perfect for young children or those with sensitive skin.

Liquid vs Powder:

At Fresh Clothes we use a liquid detergent rather than a powder detergent. Liquid detergents have better stain-fighting abilities than powder detergents. Liquid detergents help release and break down stains in your day-to-day clothing. Liquid detergents have a water base, so they easily dissolve in all water temperatures. Powder detergents do not have a water base, so they tend to cause build up when washed on certain temperatures. The more completely the detergent dissolves, the more it gives a deep clean.

Here at Fresh Clothes, we use the best products for each load to ensure that our customers’ clothes are returned fresh and clean. We use reliable products that are versatile and suitable for all different kinds of laundry.