What to Know Before your First Pickup Day

Here at Fresh Clothes, we want to make laundry as easy for you as possible. You will be all set for your pickup day in just four easy steps!

  1. Sign up online:

Signing up for Fresh Clothes could not be easier! Firstly, All you need to do is go to laundry.freshclothes.app enter in your personal information and which service you would like to purchase. When you sign up, you will receive a personalized follow up including important information regarding your method of payment. Our web app at laundry.freshclothes.app can also be used  to view your invoice history, profile settings, incoming delivery dates, what time your bin is expected to be picked-up/dropped-off, and much more!

  1. Setting out your bin:

Secondly, after signing up for Fresh Clothes, a team member will reach out to you to schedule a bin drop off. Once you fill the bin, the hard part is over! You will receive a text the day before pickup day with helpful information on what time your bin is expected. We expect all customers to have their bins sitting out in front of their front door before 8:00 AM. Please ensure that the lid is closed on the bin and place any additional shoe or ironing bags on top of the bin. Customers are not expected to wait or greet the Fresh Clothes Drivers either. We try to maintain a contact-free process for your health and safety!

  1. Receiving your Fresh Clothes:

So, you have set out your bin and it has been picked up, what now? Nothing! All you have to do is wait. Within 24 hours, you will receive a text saying that your laundry is done. Your bin will be returned to your front door with clean and folded clothes ready to be worn. Inside every bin will be your clothing separated with brown wrapping paper. The brown paper ensures that you can easily separate your laundry between genders, articles, or more.

  1. Continuing the Service:

Lastly, once you have the app set up and your service started, you’re all good to go! The service will continue to pick-up and drop-off your laundry on a weekly basis, notifying you a day before your scheduled pickup day through phone number or email. We understand that sometimes you would prefer to do your own laundry for the week. To make sharing that with us as easy of a process as possible, we send out weekly texts offering you the ability to “skip” your service. As your service continues, you can check up on what payment methods you are using, expected delivery dates, and contact support all from the mobile app or Fresh Clothes portal.