Year End Recap and 2021 Mobile Laundry Expansion Plans

Hi friends, neighbors, and valued customers! It has be a great pleasure to launch Fresh Clothes mobile laundry service over the past few months. Our team has spent many hours designing a service that will be valuable and, with all the hats that you wear, takes some of the burden doing laundry off of your back. In this post I will recap this past year and look ahead to 2021 with confidence and optimism.


Mobile Laundry Early Launch Recap

We have learned a lot since our early launch in November. I am confident that we’ve continued to improve the quality of our mobile laundry wash and fold service. Our technology has come a long way as well. Our web app at is now live, integrated with Google Maps and Stripe, and will allow us to scale dramatically over the coming months. It has been encouraging to receive your feedback that our service is valuable and worth paying for. We appreciate all those who participated in the early launch and were generous with your time and feedback!


2020 in Review – Helping Those Impacted by the Pandemic

None of us will forget 2020. We’ve all dealt with setbacks during this pandemic, and some families have been impacted in immense ways. Our hearts are with these familiar and we encourage you to stay strong through this – you’re learning and growing! You can do it! It’s worth noting that the Fresh Clothes plan includes free laundry services for less fortunate families, and we look forward to growing to the point where this is sustainable in our day-to-day business. It is amazing to think about the time that we can all “take back” from laundry. For less fortunate families our hope is that a laundry service could open up opportunities to take control of their destiny. In doing laundry for a family, we may empower them to improve their situation.


Laundromat Build Out

We have two different spaces we’re considering for our commercial laundromat build-out. We’re so excited to develop a space that will be designed specifically around our mobile pickup/wash and fold laundry services. The location we choose will prioritize process efficiency. We’ll use stacked commercial-grade machines (OPL – On-Premise Laundry – models). We’ll also have plenty of folding tables, and dedicated parking for our laundry delivery vans. In one case we may even have indoor parking available- I’m sure our staff would appreciate that!


Optimism for the Future!

For the Fresh Clothes team, we have taken respite in building a service that we hoped would fit a unique need. Throughout the year I have often reflected on what I can and cannot control. I focused on fostering a hopeful, future-oriented attitude. Pouring mental resources into Fresh Clothes proved to get me through times where I might have been distraught thinking about the state of things in the world. Perhaps this can be helpful for you as well – look to the future and have hope about the impact you can make! It just takes a day of effort at a time.


Plans for Early 2021

Our challenges in the next two quarters will be to expand marketing services and add additional routes in the Treasure Valley. We are planning on expanding to Boise’s North End, Southeast Boise, and Meridian. We will be focused on occupying a laundry space and optimizing it for our service. Efficiency throughout our process means a more affordable service for you, our valued customers!

No doubt we will be very busy through 2021. We look forward to impressing each and every customer with a professional laundry service created to be easy to use and impactful each and every day.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas!